Spacious Crystal Aura On Green- CFxMJ Designer Collection

Spacious Crystal Aura On Green- CFxMJ Designer Collection

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Miranda Jelicié's lush Green Pastel Garden print paired with purple amethyst, rose quartz and white quartz crystals. Fresh colours and graphic composition make your vision of the future clear - a beautiful social media feed can be yours.

Variation of the Original Crystal Aura on Green- more space for creative cropping.

ABOUT Hello Lovely by CFxMJ

Beautiful florals, soft pinks and blues with rich greens make up this romantic and feminine collection. 

Part of our exclusive Designer collaboration with Miranda Jelicié Studio- Hello Lovely CFxMJ, this collection has a cohesive look, complementary colour palette and lighting. Use them for your themed posts, as backgrounds for copy or to sell your workshops/ webinars. This is one of the additional single images that are available in this collection so you can expand your image library.

Limited edition only 100 available!