Light And Airy Desk

Light And Airy Desk

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Imagine the calmest workspace you can- where you're at your most productive and creative. A desk you can sit at and write your next blog post and the words flow easily. This is that desk.

Think of soft pink with botanical icons, a stack of colour co-ordinated books topped with matching pencils and gentle window light falling across your white desk. 

ABOUT Hello Lovely by CFxMJ

Beautiful florals, soft pinks and blues with rich greens make up this romantic and feminine collection. 

Part of our exclusive Designer collaboration with Miranda Jelicié Studio- Hello Lovely CFxMJ, this collection has a cohesive look, complementary colour palette and lighting. Use them for your themed posts, as backgrounds for copy or to sell your workshops/ webinars. This is one of the additional single images that are available in this collection so you can expand your image library.

Limited edition only 100 available! Unlike the big stock agencies who will sell thousands of licences, Clio & Fox limits sales of every single image and social media bundle to just 100 downloads.

Why should you care? Fewer people using the images means you stand out. No more scrolling through your social media and discovering your competition has used the exact same stock photo you have. With unique images, you customers will know it's you without reading a word.