Look Good On Camera Lighting Webinar

Look Good On Camera Lighting Webinar

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💡Are you tired of looking less-than-professional when you host webinars, workshops of lives for your business?

💡Does the thought of using a ring light fill you with questions (and maybe a bit of overwhelm?)

I'm here to tell you lighting doesn't have to be something just influencers and photographers know about.

You can learn how to understand and use lighting to show up in your best possible light on camera.

This webinar is for small business entrepreneurs who want to learn my BEST ring light tips and lighting hacks. As a professional photographer with 20 years of experience, I have a deep understanding of light and how lighting works. I want to share some of that expertise to help level-up how you show up on camera.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

🌟Get rid of those pesky circle high lights in your eyes and glasses.

🌟Use the colour temperature settings on your light and why it matters.

🌟Set up your lighting so your face looks natural (not too dark or too light).

🌟How to use a ring light to get 3 different lighting effects

🌟Answers to your questions about which light is best for you

... and more 💥

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