Step into the festive season with Clio & Fox's exclusive Holiday collection. 

Themes include:

Elementals is a minimalist Holiday collection focussed on pure tones and uncomplicated shapes framed by playful loops of ribbon. Deep, velvety shadows and glowy highlights evoke the feelings of home and coziness that mark the early evenings and short days of this season.

Winter Wonderland is a frosty romp through snowflake flecked, lightly sparkled wonderland of clear whites and cool greys. Inspired by the crisp, cold January days of my childhood up North this theme is wintery and cool.

Cozy Vibes Only is warm and, well, cozy. Rich textures and ripples of ribbon cuddle up with accents of gold, blue and deep green to feel like a snuggly winter's evening in your favourite PJs. Grab a mug of hot cocoa and pick your favourite Clio & Fox photo.