Cozy Blank Letterboard

Cozy Blank Letterboard

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Snuggle up with the Clio & Fox Cozy Vibes Holiday Collection.

Simple but warm in the style of Scandinavian hygge- nothing less or more than what is needed for a beautiful composition. Wood letterboard framed by kraft brown boxes trimmed with string ribbon, a spool of string ribbon and a cozy shawl. Set on a desk with a warm fur throw and twinkling fairy lights. You can easily customize the blank wood letter board with your own quote or headline. 

The full-frame rectangle of this image allows for many cropping options for all social media applications, web site banners, or slide decks. Easily drop in a short headline or your logo on the strategic blank space.
Limited edition only 100 available! Unlike the big stock agencies who will sell thousands of licences, Clio & Fox limits sales of every single image and social media bundle to just 100 downloads.

Why should you care? Fewer people using the images means you stand out. No more scrolling through your social media and discovering your competition has used the exact same stock photo you have. With unique images, you customers will know it's you without reading a word.