Unlock Your Brand's Potential: Building a Consistent Look

Unlock Your Brand's Potential: Building a Consistent Look

Let's talk about your visual brand and how you can unlock it's potential to drive sales and get your message to stand out in a noisy online environment.

Why do you need to have a consistent look for your brand?

You have just seconds to make an impression online- you need to grab your audience by the eyeballs!

A consistent look makes you instantly recognizable. Make it easy for your people to stop their scroll.

The look of your brand should communicate your business' personality, values and attract your ideal clients. Your message gets muddled if your look isn't consistent.

A consistent look lets your audience know a post is from someone they want to hear from- at a glance.

Here are 3 ways you can start building consistency today.

Clio and Fox Pretty in Pink Stock photo collection collageConsistent Mood and Personality

What do I mean when I talk about the mood or feel of an image? This is a combination of many things in a photograph.

Lighting is an important way to communicate a mood- is your brand personality bright like a sunny day? Or soft and gentle like indirect light? Is there a moody edge to your brand that deep shadows can communicate? 

Make sure every image you use has a similar mood and captures the personality of your brand.

Link to Clio and Fox Turquoise stock image collectionConsistent Colour

Colour is such a powerful way to create consistency. Look for stock images that have your brand colours in them! Make your life easier and go for images that make it easy for your audience to recognize you.

If you can't find an image with your colours that fits- opt for something in neutral colours (greys and whites) and then add your brand colours with your headline and logo. If you're feeling adventurous, desaturate your image to create a black & white look.

Collage of Clio and Fox Hello Lovely stock photo collection
Consistent Collection

It's easy to create consistency when you have images from the same stock collection- which is why many of the images at Clio & Fox Stock are created in a batch. All the work to create a consistent look has already been done for you. 

Shop the Clio & Fox stock photo Collections. It's the easiest way to add consistent images to your image library!



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