Stop Over Thinking It! 5 Tips to Take Better Selfies.

Stop Over Thinking It! 5 Tips to Take Better Selfies.

Hey gorgeous! Your audience hasn't seen you for a while.  

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of taking a selfie to use on your social media?

So often we overthink what we're trying to do with our images and put up barriers to showing up. 

Here's the thing- while people want to see your face on your marketing, they don't always expect to see a perfect, fresh from the make up artist's chair pro photographer shot of you.

It's true- sometimes we need to break the rules a bit and be spontaneous.

In fact, a spontaneous, less polished image of you showing your personality (and maybe some behind the scenes of you in action) can deepen your connection with your audience.

It's you. It's authentic. 

And you're amazing.

We're all craving connection. Give your audience what they want! A selfie is a great way to connect.

Here's 5 tips on how to stop overthinking and get your selfie on!

Set a timer

Budget a certain amount of time you are willing to spend on this and stick to it. Take several photos before you stop to check them out on your phone. Then take a few more. Once the timer goes- sort through and find your favourite selfie. Edit it or add a filter if you want.

*REMEMBER* Chances are you're being alot more critical than your audience with your photo. Appearing perfect isn't the aim here. Showing up as your already fabulous self is the goal. 

Mind your light

Keep it simple and flattering. Seek the even, soft light of a shaded spot or a window. If you're using a window, position yourself to be either facing it right on, or about 3/4 (this creates a small shadow on one side that can create some beautiful shape, especially for anyone with a rounder face).

Avoid: bright, full sunlight (harsh shadows, no thanks!), strong back light that puts your face in shadow.


Generally a mid-high angle with your camera is most flattering- tilt your chin up slightly and wave a fond farewell to double chins. 

If you're using a lower angle, exaggerate your chin forward in a move I call "The Turtle". Pretend you are a turtle peeking out of it's shell. It feels weird, but it won't look strange. Try it! 

Show some emotion, darling

Be silly, have fun, laugh - get some warmth and personality across. It's ok! Think about how you want the viewer to feel when they see your face come across their feed. Are you proud of an accomplishment? Show us! 

Banish the negative self talk.

You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are a powerhouse. Embrace who you are- and stop over thinking it. People want to see your authentic self.

Selfies are a great, quick way to create engaging content that connects you with your audience. Have fun with them- their informal nature means you can play with presenting different aspects of yourself and your personality. There's also so much less expectation of perfection from your audience here. Let go of that need to present yourself perfectly- and connect in an authentic, uniquely you way.



Selfie of Clio and Fox stock photos founder Trina Turl smiling at camera

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