Small Biz Feature: Meet Paige Smith of Particular Paige Designs

Small Biz Feature: Meet Paige Smith of Particular Paige Designs

Hi Biz Buds!

One of the best things about being a small business owner is meeting other passionate small business owners. 

Which is why I want to feature some of the fab members of my small business community in an ongoing series.

Let's start off with Paige Smith. 

Paige dressed in a black lace blouse removes a book from her book shelf.

Paige Smith of Particular Paige Designs is an entrepreneur I met for the first time online. I think that's how we've been meeting everyone these past almost 2 years- which is a mixed bag of emotions. One positive is that we can meet people that we might not usually get to.

The funny thing is, Paige and I have so many people we know in common that it's kind of strange that the first time we met was virtually!

One day, I nervously sent Paige a message asking her if she wanted to collaborate on a new collection for Clio & Fox. I was nervous because I have a hard time asking for things. It feels really vulnerable.

(I think many people struggle with that same feeling. I'm here to tell you, it's worth working through it. Read on!)

Imagine how ecstatic I was when Paige said YES.

The result? Our beautiful new vintage inspired blush pink collection at Clio & Fox named Pretty in Pink.

Vintage confectionary jars filled with office supplies against a blush pink background

Shot over 5 days while Paige and I discovered a mutual love of perfection, this collection of luxe images is very special.

Each one has been crafted to work with many different crops. (Hello web banners, Instagram squares and presentation decks!) and to have other vignettes that can be cropped from the main image to extend the use of these unique photos.

Enter into a fantasy world of flowing textures, rich vintage golds, and leisurely afternoon teas.

This is what Paige says about herself:

Paige Smith is a highly disciplined and multi-faceted Graphic Designer with 20+ years experience in art direction, branding, product design and retail marketing. Since launching Particular Paige Designs in 2019, she’s helped clients such as coaches and online course creators stand out and level up their branding and marketing materials. Paige is a life-long collector of all things vintage and beautiful, finding inspiration from the delicate patterns on fine bone English china to the old-gold patina on Italian Florentine trays. Her superpower is impeccable craftsmanship and no detail is too small for thoughtful consideration. The Pretty in Pink collection combines her love of one-of-a-kind treasures and styling charming vignettes with a modern twist.

Find Paige at
Shop the Pretty in Pink Collection here

Pink vintage tea tray with blush pink chiffon scarf, vintage tea cup and saucer, black pen and notebook, with cream writing paper
Antique gold and cream ornate tray with pink scarf across, black leather note book, gold pen and glasses.


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