Image of the Week- Turquoise Airy Desk

Image of the Week- Turquoise Airy Desk

Hello friends!

Welcome to 2021! It's a new year and a new beginning full of hope.

I'm excited to be adding a new, weekly feature to inspire you on the Clio & Fox Stock blog. 

Introducing: The Image of the Week

Each week, I'll choose an image from one of the Clio & Fox stock image collections and walk you through some different ways you can use that image or go into depth about the creative process behind the image. 

The featured image this week is Turquoise Airy Desk. Let's dive in!

Turquoise, white, blue and mint green styled desk flat lay stock photo image with "SAY YES"Say Yes...
One of the great features of Clio & Fox images are the intentional spaces for your headlines. They make creating your own layouts easy because you aren't fighting with the background to make your copy easy to read. Turquoise Airy Desk has a generous text area for your bold headlines, or a quote. The desk elements frame your headline and draw your viewers eye to your message.

*Don't forget! Add your logo to your stock images. It's a quick, simple way to add your branding and let anyone seeing shared posts know where those posts originally came from.

Turquoise Airy Desk styled desk stock image with an orange border and stars
Versatile Cropping Options
The full frame rectangular images from Clio & Fox are allow you to take one image and create many posts. Here I've shifted the square crop over to take out the pens, notebooks, and clips to create a fresh look. You still have your text area- which I've used for my logo here. By adding a fun border you can add in more of your brand personality and colours. No need for boring and bland when it comes to your stock images!
Turquoise Airy Desk styled desk flay lay in a circular crop on a turquoise background

 Love is in the layout!

Turquoise Airy Desk isn't just for squares and rectangles! Zoom in a bit on the image and use a circular crop to convey a sense of closeness. There's still plenty of space for your headline. The circular crop leaves you a fun area outside of it to add in your brand colours. I chose to use my Clio & Fox turquoise here because it sets the image off nicely. The cute polka dots are playful- just like my brand.

When you're looking for stock images it's important to find ones that are versatile and easy to work with. 

If there's a Clio & Fox Stock image you love and want to see featured- let me know! 

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