Clio & Fox Turns 1 + Holiday 2020 Update!

Clio & Fox Turns 1 + Holiday 2020 Update!

Hey friends!

I've been so deep in the planning and shooting of our first-ever Holiday collections that I nearly forgot to celebrate Clio & Fox's first birthday!

Whoops! Bad business mom over here. I made up for it with a decadent cake themed shoot- now available at Search for "Cake" and all the images will come up. You don't have to feel bad about celebrating a milestone with ugly images! I've got you.

Now go celebrate like the queen you are. 

I started with a new coach this Fall (hey Shelagh Cummins!) which means that I have a lot of accountability happening in my business right now. Any of you out there find that coaching helps alot with that?

Shelagh is helping me out with my marketing and planning. It's been great so far to have someone help me channel my energy. With that in mind, I am planning some really fun Black Friday Sales, AND I have Holiday 2020 collections coming in fresh 'n frosty in the next couple of weeks. The best way to keep track of everything going on is to sign up for my email list (hint hint!)

There are 2 Holiday collections. Have a look at the sneak peeks and the stories I was thinking of when I was shooting the collections.

White gift boxes with ribbon on a white table clothe with silver snow flakes

This one I'm tentatively calling "Winter Wonderland" which celebrates winter in a predominantly cool white colour palette with grey and silver accents. Think of a crisp winter afternoon. There's fresh snow on the ground. Everything looks clean and bright. You can see the puffs of your breath hanging in the air.

Wood letter board with the message "Cozy Vibes Only" with a gold bird and mistletoe

The second collection is called "Cozy Vibes". For this one I was imagining us all tucked snug into our homes. It's warm and cozy. We're in our warmest pj's and favourite slippers. Steaming mugs of hot chocolate (mine has Bailey's- does yours?) are on offer. The kids are tucked into their beds, asleep. We're watching something fun on Netflix. You know, that kind of winter's evening. The days are short and the nights are snuggly. This collection has warm whites, wooly greys, rich blues and deep greens and a dash of luxe gold.

In closing- there's alot to look forward to this November. If you're interested in knowing about new collections and the big sales- please join my email list. Posts on social media get buried and you might miss them. The email list is a sure-fire way to make sure you're in the know about all things Clio & Fox Stock!

Good night!


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