Biz Bucks Loyalty Program!

Biz Bucks Loyalty Program!

Well hey there friends!

What's shaking in your world?

In Clio & Fox land there are some big things going on and I'm finally ready to announce a BIG THING I've been low-key working on for over 6 months.

screen shot of homepage 

Introducing... BIZ BUCKS- the Clio & Fox rewards program!

See that cute little gift icon in the lower right corner of the photo? It appears on every page of the website. It's your door to earning points and getting rewards.


This is the only loyalty points program I know of for stock photography. I studied the best points programs (hello Starbucks!) and figured out what was most awesome about them. 

Here's what I discovered and what you'll get when you collect Biz Bucks:

  • Easy to get to the first reward level!
  • Generous rewards!
  • VIP levels that earn bonus points!
  • Something special for your birthday and other extras!
  • Thank you points for referrals!

How To Get Started
It's easy! Sign up via the little gift icon on labeled "Rewards" on the lower right on any page at You can check your balance anytime by clicking the icon.

How To Earn Your Biz Bucks
You'll earn 10 Biz Bucks for every dollar you spend on stock images at Clio & Fox. 

Other Easy Ways To Earn

  • Signing up earns 100 Biz Bucks
  • Your Birthday gift is another 200 Biz Bucks
  • Your sign-up anniversary (to celebrate your awesome decision) is 125 automatic Biz Bucks
  • Referral Program Have some amazing entrepreneurs in your circle that need to level up their digital marketing? Help them out with our Referrals Program! You'll earn 100 Biz Bucks for yourself and 100 BONUS Biz Bucks for your friend who signs up (who also gets the 100 points for signing up too.)

Now For The Fun! Rewards Levels!
As you collect Biz Bucks, you'll become eligible to redeem them for rewards. Here are some of the rewards you can earn.

  • 500 Biz Bucks = $5 discount (You'll get that after only buying 2 single images!)
  • 1250 Biz Bucks = $10 discount
  • 1750 Biz Bucks = $15 discount
  • 2750 Biz Bucks = 1 FREE SINGLE STOCK IMAGE

More Ways To Earn- VIP Tiers
Become a VIP and earn more Biz Bucks when you spend! As your lifetime Biz Bucks earned accrues, you'll move up the rankings! It's like belonging to a secret society of super awesome people- get in and get extra rewards.

VIP Tier Biz Bucks to Qualify Multiplier
Biz Buds 1000 Earn 1.25x Biz Bucks
Biz Besties 5000 Earn 1.5x Biz Bucks
BBFs- Biz Besties Forever 10000 Earn 2x Biz Bucks


Just for an extra dash of fun and to kick things off right there's a sale starting today.

Save and earn Biz Bucks starting today until May 31 2021!
Starting May 25 2021, you can earn 20 extra Biz Bucks for each dollar spent when you order anything from our Best Selling "Hello Lovely" Designer Collection.

AND you can save site-wide with the code HECKYA. Buy one, get one 75%off.

Sale and BONUS Biz BUcks are effective May 25 until May 31 2021 11:59pm EST

I'd love to hear what you think about the new rewards program. Please drop a comment below :)

xo Trina


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