Power Up Your Content
Power Up Your Content
Power Up Your Content
Power Up Your Content
Power Up Your Content
Power Up Your Content
Power Up Your Content
Power Up Your Content
Power Up Your Content
Power Up Your Content

Power Up Your Content

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Power-Up Your Content 

Ready to take your content from meh to ‘I got this!’? 

Strategize with 4 industry experts with training, content creation, and planning to create 3 months' worth of engaging content. 

Does this sound like you? 

  • I’m out of content ideas & staring down a blank screen 
  • I am winging it with zero strategy & not sure what my audience wants
  • There are too many platforms, and I don’t know where to show up
  • I’m struggling to find the time to get it done!

Give us 45 minutes a month and you’ll learn how to craft an engaging online presence and unleash the power of content marketing. 

You'll get advice, training, and tips on …

  • Top 5 mistakes to avoid when designing graphics and images 
  • How to write engaging content your audience WANTS to read 
  • How to craft a client journey sales funnel 
  • 10 Best tips for outstanding email newsletters 
  • How to create a content marketing strategy to bring it all together! 

Inside the ‘Power-Up Your Content’ Program You’ll Get: 

  • Training on how to craft incredible content faster and easier, with a content marketing strategy that gets you in front of your ideal clients (with guided worksheets & homework)
  • Monthly get-it-done “live” sessions to craft all that delicious content – we’ll work online together & be ready to answer your questions and help you make it happen! 
  • November 29 (training session and prep work to keep momentum!
  • 3 Get-It-Done Sessions - December 20, January 24, February 21  

Why us? Why NOW?

Bring all the components together – create less work, more targeted content, and more effective messaging. It’s like a puzzle – when all the pieces line up, you end up with a beautiful work of art!

An online presence is more important than ever. For your content marketing to be effective it has to be: 

  • Freaking amazing! 
  • Customized to YOUR ideal clients
  • The entire package

Ready to confidently craft content your audience will love?

Our pilot launch will only have room for 12 participants. 

Your investment is only $97 (that’s less than $25 per month!) for four different sessions, homework, and the ability to connect with ALL FOUR experts. 

This introductory price won’t be offered again. 

BONUS! Save your spot TODAY and you’ll receive the following extras: 

  • A content marketing strategy template to design a plan that generates leads and asks for the sale from Lori Grover Creative Copy. 
  • A FREE 20-minute one-on-one consult with Marianne D'Alessandro of TimeFlies Admin Services focused on crafting incredible email newsletters
  • A FREE 20-minute consult with Karen Baring focused on your business strategy
  • Credit for 2 FREE limited-edition stock photos from Clio & Fox (Value of $50) 

Meet The Experts

As a business mentor and coach, KAREN BARING empowers business owners to successfully and confidently grow their businesses while developing the best version of themselves. You deserve someone on your side - because entrepreneurship can be lonely and uncertain with a steep learning curve. Karen has created an incredible community of business owners, has run over 800 monthly mastermind sessions, facilitates training, does one-on-one coaching, and in the last 12 years has helped hundreds of women take their businesses to levels they never thought possible. With over 13 years experience as an entrepreneur, a background in marketing, and an intense curiosity to learn as much as humanly possible about how our brains work, Karen helps women gain confidence and learn the essential tools to power-up their businesses and achieve their dreams!

MARIANNE D’ALESSANDRO has been an Executive Assistant for over 30 years.  She is the owner of TimeFlies-Admin Services.  Her extensive experience in the corporate world transfers into virtual support for small to medium size business owners.

Marianne believes in partnership with her clients – working together to achieve goals where she can do the admin tasks for you or teach you how to be more productive.  She has a passion for newsletters and has built her expertise in newsletters over the past 10 years.

LORI GROVER is a copywriter and content strategist, crafting authentic messaging for small business owners so they can sell with confidence! Because with a clear message, compelling brand story, and strategic content plan, YOU can build an online presence that wins the hearts of your dream clients. Let’s find what makes you SO DARN SPECIAL and share it with the world!

TRINA TURL is s 20 year-veteran photographer, you may have seen my images in Toronto's Manulife Shopping Centre, House & Home magazine, or Indigo's Gifting website thoughtfull.ca. She has leveraged her experience to create Clio & Fox, a photography service centered on ambitious small business entrepreneurs needing high-level images to propel their marketing.

With a creative vision and eye for detail, Trina helps small business owners gain confidence in their images so they can create a brand that makes them proud!

 Ready to rock your content?

Limited edition only 100 available! Unlike the big stock agencies who will sell thousands of licences, Clio & Fox limits sales of every single image and social media bundle to just 100 downloads.

Why should you care? Fewer people using the images means you stand out. No more scrolling through your social media and discovering your competition has used the exact same stock photo you have. With unique images, you customers will know it's you without reading a word.